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Reliable, Efficient and Cost Saving Products 

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We are one of the retail stores for A-Z Chem manufacture, manufacturer of all household, industrial and car care cleaning products

We have a soap for every application

Whether it is dirty, dusty or simply needs a polish, we have the highest quality and concentrated household and industrial cleaning chemicals solution for you at the lowest prices

Everything now available local at wholesale prices

Stop using elbow grease, start using the finest A-Z household and industrial cleaning products. Everything you need available at A-Z Chem Soap Shop, Mokopane

About A-Z Soap Shop Mokopane

All our products are sourced directly from our A-Z Chem manufacturing factory, enabling us to deliver the best value and highest quality at the lowest price. A - Z Chem have been manufacturing household, industrial and car cleaning products in South Africa for more than 40 years according to  SABS specifications.

A-Z Soap Shop Owner

A-Z Soap Shop in Mokopane have been the proud distributor of the A-Z Chem products for years.

Derek, has been the proud owner of A-Z Soap Shop in Mokopane since 2019, and have been hard at work over the past years to build it into a business that is really delivering value to the community of Potties. 

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